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I am the co-founder of Attract Your Happiness and have always had the spirit of an entrepreneur. Throughout my life I have had many passions including downhill skateboarding, parkour, art and fitness and I have always enjoyed connecting with others who have similar interests and learning from the best available. Our passion to provide a better quality of life for ourselves and our family led us to learning the skills of branding and marketing in order to create a business and a sustainable income stream online. Now we are actively creating our future and have the fortunate privilege of connecting with and helping others live their life on their terms.


Mom, Entrepreneur, and Co-founder of
Attract Your Happiness

I’m a down to earth chick with big dreams. I enjoy getting out of my head by moving my body with hula hooping and yoga. I have a growing passion for photography and love being able to capture memories filled with so much emotion and life. With my two little girls looking up at me I continue to get out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals and create my life by my design.





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