About Us

We are just a normal family that enjoys spending quality time together, loving, laughing and growing. We are firm believers in the law of attraction and believe that when you are spreading happiness, love and abundance, you are also attracting those very same things.

We believe that in order to bring change to your life, in order to change thoughts into reality you have to take action. We believed we were doing just that when we moved across country to finally work together in an industry that we believed was our true passion and calling. After putting in the work and putting other passions to the wayside for years we learned that when you are working for someone else, no matter what industry, you are still at someone else’s beck and call. We were working our “dream job” but did not feel as if we were living the dream.

We realized we needed to improve our quality of life for the better and take some serious action by doing something different than we were already doing if we were to live the life we desired. We had done what we were taught to do and were getting the same results that our parents got... a life that comes with its financial struggles, a job that left us unfulfilled with no time to do what we enjoy and no way to get out of the hole that we were sinking deeper into.

What we were doing was getting us the same mediocre results that we knew were way below what we were capable of and demonstrating. We had to take action that was different than what we were already doing if we were ever going to get a different result, which led us to the leap that projected us to the success we are seeing today.

We got a mentor who guided us to starting a business online as affiliate marketers. Financial and time freedom are two things most everyone seeks, I mean we can’t be the best versions of ourselves if we don’t have the funds to do so and there is no point to the funds if we don’t have the time. As we became more and more obsessed with ways to improve our life and the lives of others we took on more classes and mentor-ship, got some credentials and now show up everyday to kick some ass and help others do the same.

Whether it is financial freedom, time freedom, capitalizing on who we are as individuals, our hobbies and our interests, whether it is getting into the best physical shape of your life or even something as small as an inspirational message or story. We are now dedicated to helping others realize that the life you desire is just outside of your current comfort zone and all you have to do is reach out and grab that life by the horns and hold on for the ride!