Broseph's Tale


It was a dark night 7 years ago when I decided to walk home from a friend’s house instead of driving like I normally did. I had no idea that there was a new life waiting for me on the path of that unplanned midnight walk. In the small family and retirement town I lived, I did not expect to see the silhouette walking toward me at this hour. As it got closer, I noticed something was a little off about this character that was moving toward me with a quick and seemingly unstable step.

I guess I was a little alerted when I noticed he picked up his pace and I saw something small, maybe shin high, scuttling my way. As they got a little closer and stepped into light, I recognized it was a friend I hadn’t seen in months being dragged by the cutest little pup I had seen!

After catching up for a couple of minutes, the pup and I enjoying one another’s company, I mentioned that it was a chance to run into him as I usually just drive home. He chuckled a little and told me that the pup was practically crying to go out on this random midnight stroll. He let the enthusiastic pup lead the way, pulling him the entire way to me.

“It’s kinda like you two wanted to meet. We never take this way and he just kept pulling me until we ran into you.” My friend said with a look as if he had discovered something.

He told me the story about this 8-week young pup that he rescued from a not so ideal situation and that he was not able to keep the dog due to his lease agreement.I offered to watch the pup tomorrow while my friend was at work since he had no one to watch over him. He quickly agreed, and we began to head out on our own way again.

As I walked away, I heard a whimper and turned my head back to see the pup trying to pull my friend my way. It was confirmed to me that this puppy was someone special.

The next day went great, the pup and I bonded so well, and I knew that he and I were just meant to be the best of friends. That night when I took him back to my friend’s place, I was informed that the pup would have to go to a Kennel in two days. I could not allow that to happen and did my research on what my responsibilities were as a dog caretaker.

Funny thing was just a few days before, I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a dog.

Before my friend could take the dog to the kennel I hurried over and told him that I would provide a great home for the pup. That day was when “Mr. Crinkles” became “Broseph” and my life changed forever.

Something in me said that Broseph was supposed to be a part of my life.

Despite the doubts, ridicule and shaming I received; Regardless of those nay-sayers that told me a Pitbull would cause me trouble; Despite the narcissism I received from other dog owners who said I didn’t know what was in store for, while trying to dissuade me; I took on the responsibility to care for another life, knowing that we would do a great job of looking after one another.

Broseph is sweet to every creature he encounters!

He doesn’t mind Paisley jumping around him or messing with him like a little sister does as he allows Paisley to pile all her blankets and stuffed animals on top of him while he is laying down. Broseph brought so much love into my life and shows me how rewarding it can be to do what feels right to me, regardless of what others say or even my own limiting beliefs.

It really was a completely random chance that my friend and I crossed paths on our midnight walk and yet Broseph seemed to know all along that he and I would become best buds. We never know what awaits us one minute from now.

We never know the seemingly random events or the “moments of grace” that will change our life forever.

Our part is to be receptive and open to the new possibilities that are presented and then to act if it is something that resonates with us.