From a Vision to Reality


Have you ever made a vision board? Do you write down your goals?

If you don’t maybe this story will inspire you to start!

Back in March 2018 when we started our business, we really got into working on our mindset. Now we were already firm believers in law of attraction, but we were not doing as many physical practices that we could have been doing to manifest our goals and dreams. We got inspired by our community of entrepreneurs that are a part of the Kontent Kulture to make a vision board.

travel vision board.jpg

I went to the store picked up some travel magazines, a business magazine, and a tiny house magazine. Went home and we looked through the magazines cutting out anything that inspired us or got us excited. We cut out words that spoke to us, pictures that made us want to be at that place. Pasted it together and posted it on our wall in the living room. Now the purpose of a vision board is to look at it all the time so you can constantly have your goals right in front of your face, constantly on your mind so you can stay focused and on the right path to achieving and manifesting your goals.

There were many travel destinations we posted up because one thing we love is exploring new places together. One place posted up in the corner of our vision board is this tiny picture of a Christmas town located in Leavenworth, Washington. After I glued each place down, I searched for directions and how far away each destination was, Leavenworth was four and half hours away! Months started to pass by and with Wisconsin Winters being unpredictable we knew we would not be going to visit family for the holidays. With a month till Christmas I was looking at our vision board and decided why the hell not and started looking for hotels in Leavenworth. With the excitement and determination to find a room right around Christmas I searched for a week only finding fully booked hotels every weekend till Christmas, Leavenworth has a Christmas Light Festival through the entire month of December. That’s when we looked at each other and decided that we could take a vacation Monday to Wednesday.

 How could we just decide for ourselves that we were going to take a vacation Monday to Wednesday without submitting a request form to a boss? When we made that decision back in March to start our own business, we decided to take control of our lives. We were done with another person/business deciding when and when we can’t go on vacation or be with loved ones. The week before Christmas we packed the car with our snow gear and headed to the little mountain town of Leavenworth.

morning view.jpg

Breath taking views through the Colombia Gorge and Washington made the trip thrilling and exciting. When we reached Leavenworth, it was already passed sunset and as we entered the downtown the Christmas magic you felt as a kid filled your heart. Lights on every tree and building, kids playing in the snow we were so grateful to have found a room at the Der Ritterhof Inn just a couple minutes from downtown. The first night we enjoyed walking around the Bavarian-styled town and ate delicious food at a local Pizza joint, when we went to bed that night, we were not expecting what the morning had in store for us.

We woke up, opened the curtain and snow-capped mountains lined behind the buildings and when we had gotten dressed and stepped outside, we realized that we were surrounded by these beautiful majestic mountains. The little town had so much charm during the daylight too with paintings on every building, stores filled with Christmas décor and gifts. If you’re feeling extra jolly you can check out the Nutcracker museum! We decided to do more outdoor activities like snowball fights and building a massive snowman. Watching Paisley play in the snow and having this time together was so special not only was it the holiday season, but it’s our last holiday season as a family of three.

building a snowman.jpg

Even though our stay was short it meant so much to us. Being able to take our first vacation just for us and having our business come with us, on our laptop, was even more of a reassurance that we made the right decision back in March. Without this business and setting these visions for ourselves who knows if we would have been in the same mindset to take this vacation midweek and spend the money that we could have spent on more presents instead. The time we got to spend as a family building that snowman, which mind you neither of us had built one since we were kids ourselves, and the amazing views along with breathing in the fresh mountain air was priceless.

This was possible because the power of a vision board, law of attraction, and massive action. Don’t limit your dreams or visions. Be crystal clear on what you desire to manifest into your reality. Example: you can’t just desire to have more money and not appreciate when you find a penny on the ground, because the universe delivered more money, but you were not specific enough about how much more money you desire to have. Don’t let the fear of judgement or failure stop you from creating a life of happiness for yourself. The universe is always at work and always has your back, but without action a vision will just stay a dream.

Snowman build.jpg

I hope this inspires you to go out and cut up some magazines or save pictures from the internet and build a collage on a word document. Either way if you’re serious about achieving your goals and changing your life you’ll go out, make a vision board and take that next step.


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