Growing a Business While Growing a Family

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Today it is normal to see both parents working full time and kids going to daycare, but it seems so many are barely making enough to enjoy the life they live outside of work. We all have a similar dream of freedom; time freedom, financial freedom, and freedom from stress. Whether that is a life traveling the world, owning land, luxury cars, big houses or tiny houses we all have a dream life we desire. What most of us were programmed to do was do well in school, go to college or the workforce, work hard till you reach retirement, then when you’re in your 50s or 60s you’ll be able to live that lavish life you dream of everyday.

For most, it takes a catalyst event in their lives to spark making a change. Some call it rock bottom, some may have a near death experience, in my case it was my dad passing away. My dad was a recovering alcoholic who was sober for two years when his job that he’s been a supervisor at for 25 years asked him to reapply for his position, he didn’t get it. Being only a few years from retirement my dad had to start over. He didn’t know how to handle it and began to drink again. It took four months from the time he got the news to his last day at work, and one week after he left his job he passed away. He had just become a grandpa and had goals for his retirement, but the carrot was pulled from him. That’s when Kevin and I woke up and realized we could not go down that same path.

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We had just had Paisley 4 months earlier when my dad died. We knew when we became parents that we wanted to give Paisley the best life and to show her that anything was possible. We had taken risks on other business opportunities (check out that story here) and knew being entrepreneurs and having something of our own was the career path for us. To be able to have control over our schedules, how much money we could make, and that we can create something to pass on to our children was what we desired. We knew people were making money online but weren’t interested in MLMs or network marketing. I followed a girl for a year on Facebook watching her grow and build a business. I finally reached out and that’s when she told me all about affiliate marketing.

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Having a business online appealed to us because we could work from anywhere, which means we don’t have to send our daughter to the sitters or daycare. With leveraging high-ticket products, we earn high commissions and that made the decision for me to stay home full time a lot easier especially since we want to home school. Kevin continues to work 40 hours a week for a cannabis company here in Oregon. He didn’t quit his job for a couple reasons, he enjoys what he does. He doesn’t have to, he can still run our business from his phone on his down time, and we knew getting our business off the ground was an investment. Starting and running an affiliate marketing business has a much lower cost than your average small business, but there is a cost none the less.

We’ve been growing and building our business and brand over the last year and if you ask any entrepreneur the journey to success is not a straight line to the top. It’s up and down, feeling doubt and fear, but pushing through because our vision of success is so clear. The fear of settling with a job for the next twenty years with someone else deciding how much we make, how we can spend our time, what is important in our lives and what isn’t is a much LARGER fear of ours than if an ad doesn’t convert, or we don’t see a sale for a week. We have grown so much as individuals and have gained so much time freedom to be a family in the past year we know we’re on the right path.


We’re about to welcome our second daughter, Penelope, in May and knowing we don’t have to worry about maternity leave being unpaid and what would happen after maternity leave makes me so grateful to have this business. We love that we are showing our children to dream big and to not fear going out of your comfort zone to reach them. We are so excited for what’s to come and will be resilient when there are obstacles to face, because we know we deserve to live the life we dream of everyday.


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