Supporting Change in Ourselves and Others

We hang up posters with a cute little puppy, in mid climb as it tries to get onto a bed, that reads, “you can do it”, while unknowingly throw doubts at someone who has just made a big move in changing their lives for the better.

Some show their love and concern for someone’s well-being by projecting their own limiting beliefs about what is possible.

When our friend comes to us about how she just left her not so satisfying desk job that paid the bills, to create a business of her own, based around something she is very passionate about, we might show our concern or what we think is support by saying something like,

“starting a business in this economy?”
“Good for you, do you really think there is a market for that?”
“Leaving your good paying job? How will you make it?”
“What will you do if it doesn’t work out?”

We are coming from a place of love when we show concern like this, these are all very logic questions to ask.

The reality is that these are thoughts that every entrepreneur asked themselves before they made the jump into the unknown. They probably have these thoughts and are gripped by fear in the beginning, but they keep on moving forward and pursuing their dreams.

Next time we are in a conversation with a friend that tells us they are starting something for themselves or going to make a major life change that will better their life like going to the gym, quitting smoking, starting a blog, a youtube channel, a business, a podcast, pursuing their art, music, photography, whatever it is, become aware of the first thoughts that come to mind, they are probably the same beliefs that are either limiting or empowering you while you create this life.

If dis-empowering thoughts come up, acknowledge that they are coming up but don’t focus on it for it is only your conscious mind trying to do what it can to keep you and your thoughts completely in your comfort zone.

Instead of projecting those limiting beliefs onto our newly empowered friend, and instead of giving power to those negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to provide real support for your friend.

Ask them about what inspired them to do this, talk with them about their vision, ask them about the team they are building. We have an opportunity to connect with a friend and try to understand what this may mean to them.

Having a conversation that excites both parties like that is how we can truly show our love for our friend and ourselves.  We allow ourselves to slip into the more loving a supportive version of who we truly are, while empowering ourselves with each positive sentence.

All the while co-creating a new reality for the person who is going through the lifestyle changes. Putting out energy that attracts more success to them. Each word spoken about the positive future this person sees for themselves, brings it closer to existence.

These conversations are so powerful while building a better relationship with those that we care about and strengthening our manifestation muscles as we go through this positive energy exchange. We are putting out positive energy that ends up coming back to us in one form or another.

Kevin at Astoria.jpg

If you are the one going through change and can’t seem to get through to those that are throwing their own self-doubts, separate yourself from those people for the time being and find some good friends, other entrepreneurs, a coach, whatever support that is available and empowering.

Easier said than done, I know, but you and your low vibe friends will thank you for it when you are living a life truly fulfilled.

When others project their limiting beliefs onto us, it is more about them than it is about us. They have created an idea about who we are and are suddenly shocked about the lifestyle changes that we are making.

When we are creating new habits and taking actions to create a new life for ourselves, we are not only changing our perception of reality, but we are also changing the identity that our friends and loved ones have created about who we are and how we fit into their reality.

Some will absolutely love the changes and will be drawn to that, likely those that have a similar, positive and more empowering mindset. Surround yourself with those that have a similar vision and will support your dreams rather than support the limiting beliefs that have been holding us back.

The truth is, we can all do whatever we set our minds to, as cliché as it sounds. The thoughts we have surrounding what we and what others are doing in each moment that we judge them, reflects who we truly are and the beliefs we have about what we are capable of. Becoming aware of those thoughts and our beliefs surrounding the actions necessary to achieve a lifestyle change is the key to making lasting change.

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