What We Do, How We Do it and How to Make Money Doing it.


When you think athletic shoes you probably think NIKE, when you think smart phone you might think Apple and when we think car insurance, we might think of Geico. Although these are not the only companies in their respective industries, they are at the forefront of our minds when we think of what shoes to buy or how I’m going to insure my Car. What sets each of these companies apart from the others is that they have taken the time to build more than just a business, since the beginning, each of these giants have been building a brand that is appealing to their customers or audience.

The swoosh, the apple with a bite take out and the gecko have become symbols for what each of these companies stand for. These companies have spent countless hours studying what is appealing to their customers so that they can capture your attention and tell their story in order to ultimately get you to think of them whenever you are deciding what device to connect you to the world, what track shoes you should get and who to trust with insuring your boat.

The companies and corporations aren’t the only ones that recognize the importance of having a branded identity that is different than the rest. Think about Oprah and Michael Jordan, they have an identity (brand) that is recognized far and wide. MJ and basketball, Oprah and talk shows, both have become iconic and respected due to the perceived value they have added to their followers or audience. Both have leveraged their identity and influence to create other streams of income outside of dunking and shouting “You get a gift, You get a gift, everyone gets a gift!!”

Teaming up with products and services that are relevant to their brand and therefore relevant to the interests of their audience, they have been able to monetize their influence. Michael with those famous shoes that retail for hundreds because it has the swoosh and is endorsed by the dunk king. Even working with somewhat unlikely but still relevant undergarments. Oprah did not start out with a book club but it seems anything that has her name on it instantly becomes a hot commodity like those famous UGG Boots, the Kindle and even teaming up with apple to endorse the Ipad. Whether it was running around with giant grapes or giving an opinion on what device to read books on, both household names, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey have influenced what products and services their beloved fans and supports purchase.

Times have changed and with everyone connecting on the internet, it has never been easier for people like you and I to connect with others and create brands based around who we are and what our story is. We do not have be dunk champion two years in a row or have our own television show in order to reach an audience and add value to those followers. The chances of you and I becoming household names is there but highly unlikely, let’s get real. Regardless, we have a great opportunity to monetize our story, our message and the value we can add to our audience, just as the companies and celebrities we admire have.

Emily and I (Kevin) along with the Kontent Kulture Marketing Guide teach the skills of branding and marketing for the beginning entrepreneur and to the business that is ready to scale to the next level. Building a business based around a personal brand allows you to market yourself and tell your story instead of pushing products. Just as your interests, hobbies and stories change and evolve, so does your brand and does your audience.

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It was not too long ago that the platforms available to get attention and create a name or identity within a certain subject or field was limited to television, radio and print. In the past the opportunity to get in front of an audience so easily and frequently has never been available. It really was all about who you know and being at the right time at the right place, getting that media exposure somehow and creating a big enough splash that it gets recognized by the majority that will tell of the tale.

With the evolution of the internet allowing us the ability to connect at the click of a button, we are in a time where we can easily get in front of someone across the world and deliver a message. We can get in front of millions with a single piece of content and a social media platform. You and I are not at the mercy of hoping the local news channel catches wind of our amazing personality and gives us our five-minute slot.

With 2.5 billion users on various social media platforms, scrolling, tweeting, double tapping, following and posting, it has never been easier to create an identity for yourself online. Simply by making the right piece of content and delivering it to the right audience on the right platform, we have the opportunity to create our own personal brand.

How one chooses to deliver their message on each platform and depending on the content used, will determine what their followers will think about them and therefore shape their brand.

Learning the skills of building a personal brand and marketing that brand takes out a lot of the headache when trying to gain an audience and create a sustainable income online. Our brand is based on who we are, our stories, our hobbies, our interests and our message to others. Whether you’re building a brand around knitting sweaters, golfing, traveling, art, music or happiness, the type of content you put out is responsible for how your followers perceive your brand. It is extremely important, probably the most important, to know the different types of content to produce what kind of content to create for each platform.

The skills we have learned over the last nine months and what we will continue to learn about personal branding takes out trial and error. Building a brand is more than just making or sharing a post or taking a selfie and is not something that will happen overnight. Having a vision of what you want your brand to be and learning how to deliver the right kind of content that will add value to your audience is how you will gain a loyal following.

Just as MJ and Oprah did through the eighties and nineties, we have the ability to create a personal brand based around who we are and by adding value to our audience, we will draw in those that resonate with our brand and therefore resonate with who we are and what our message is. Unlike the celebs of the past, we are in a time where we can do things in a certain way, using the internet and social media to gain brand awareness at a significantly faster pace and generate an income from that brand.

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Phone books filled with yellow pages in every payphone booth, infomercial and billboards are all marketing tools of the ad agencies. All are gone or fading away, the price is raising while the reach is becoming smaller and smaller. When was the last time you watched a commercial or checked out every billboard you rode by while sitting in the passenger seat? Probably hard to remember, the moment a commercial comes on we typically spend those times scrolling through our feeds.

It’s no secret that people are moving online to buy anything from a pair of socks to purchasing a home. With over $504.5 Billion in online sales made worldwide in 2018 and a projection of $700.6 Billion by 2022, the growth is an indication that we are still in the early stages of something great and what we do within the next 3-5 years can set us up for financial freedom for the rest of our life if we take advantage of the opportunity at our fingertips.

The online economy is booming and we are empowered to create a sustainable income by affiliating for companies that are relevant to our brand and audience. Your brand not only determines your audiences and followers but also what products or services you can leverage that will resonate with and add value to your audience. Although affiliate marketing has been around long before the internet, the opportunity to generate revenue online through affiliate marketing has never been greater, just as our ability to connect with others has never been greater.

Finding companies, products and services to work with that supports the message of your brand and resonate with your audience is how you will, not only make you money, but also add value to your audience and credibility to your brand. Just as Michael Jordan connected with the shoe company that added value to his basketball playing audience with 184 different shoes released in 2018.

Working with products and services that add value to an audience in order to create an income stream is not something new. We are just in a time where it has never been easier to do this for yourself. Anyone can certainly market products, and it is happening all the time in your feed right now, but by building a brand you are marketing yourself instead of products. Your brand is not just one product or service, it is about all the things that you are and will become which allows you to broaden your scope and take advantage of any opportunity that will add value to your audience.

Emily and I created our brand Attract Your Happiness and have a message to help others improve their overall quality of life and as a result of or desired brand message, we affiliate for products and services that help others do exactly that. We work with offers that pay anywhere from $60 on the low end, all the way up to $2200 per sale, and by marketing who we are we can work with high ticket commission items without having to push those products to our followers feeds.

Learning the skills of branding and marketing for the social networks that most users are using is invaluable for today and the future of any business. We have the incredible opportunity to create a stream of income by building a brand based around who we are and leverage the message of that  brand to affiliate for products and services that support our brands message.



What we do is build our brand Attract Your Happiness, which is based around who we are, our interests and our values in order to gain an audience.

How we do that is by creating content on social media and our website and deliver that content to an audience that resonates with the message and therefore finds value in our brand.

How to make money doing this is by affiliating for products and services that are relevant to our brand and therefore relevant to our audience.

Learning the skills taught in the Kontent Kulture Marketing Guide has allowed us to build our brand and find the right companies to affiliate for. We learned the skills of marketing and running ads on facebook and learned how to market who we are instead of pushing products. We use the techniques taught in the Kontent Kulture marketing guide to affiliate for high commission items that pay as much as $2200/sale and do not have to market a single one of the products on our feed, we do not have to host house parties, attend tradeshows or bother our friends and family. Doing things in a certain way can get you a certain result, I’m not saying what we do is for everyone, but I can say that by doing things in a certain way, we are actively creating our future and this is working for us and so many more taking advantage of the online economy.

We believe that virtually anyone who is willing to learn a new skill, and with the right guidance, can be successful at creating a personal brand and generate an income stream online. If this is something that is lighting something inside but you don’t know where to start find a mentor in the space whose message and values you resonate with.

You can start your journey and learn more about if working in the online space is right for you by following this link to Attract Your Happiness.

Thank you for reading, we’d love to hear what you think if you’d like to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment or reaching out to us. Connect with us further by following us on Instagram and Facebook!