Meet The Family


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Build a life with the ones you love

Meeting at age 20 in a small town in Wisconsin, moving across country to Oregon, starting a family and creating a business of our own has been an amazing journey. We fell in love as kids and have grown and changed together.

When we make the commitment to be with someone for the rest of our life, we are never really committing to one person, we are committing to all of the changes we both will experience together and the people we will evolve into. Individually we grow to become the best versions of ourselves, together we are the best versions of ourselves.

Paisley Jo (Smile distributor)

Paisley is a two year young princess who brings the house down as she sings along with her stuffed animals. Paisley sometimes lets her passion boil close to the surface but always seems to brush it off and move onto the next fun thing to do. Ultimately she runs the show, doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she lives in the moment, raises everyone’s vibration and makes the best of every second she is awake.

We may think we are teaching Paisley how to navigate this life but it seems to be the other way around.



Penelope Layne (Rainbow Baby)

This little minion has already stolen the hearts of so many. With a smooth calm entrance into this world she has stayed such a calm and easy newborn. A perfect balance with her off the wall big sister.

Broseph (Moose)

broseph 16.jpg

More Human than dog is our sweet American Staffordshire, Broseph! Broseph is a Pit-bull that loves to defy stereotypes with slobbery kisses followed by showing off his favorite toys then playing with the other kiddos. For the last seven years Broseph has been a part of our journey and has shown us what it means to love unconditionally.