Life’s style

Is it who we are that determines what we do or what we do that determines who we are?

We believe that we are all meant to live our life to our fullest, which is unique to each individual. Whatever raises your vibration, makes you lose track of the time, has you feeling on top of the world and ultimately gives you a sense of fulfillment with the time that we are spending in this one life. That sense of fulfillment should be what everyone is chasing after and it is what everyone deserves. With our society so advanced and the ability to connect at the push of a button, it has never been easier to fuel our future with our passions.

This is how we get our sense of fulfillment and get in “The Zone” that attracts the best life for us. I suppose you could say that the contents of this page are some of our reasons WHY we do what we do. You may not be painting a picture after spending a day hooping and riding your downhill skateboard down a mountain that you spent an hour trail exploring but we hope you find value in what we learn from these subjects that we hold dear to us.

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Parenting a human, raising a dog, building a foundation of love and sharing the moments that matter the most with the ones we love the most. Everything we do means so much more when we experience these moments together.

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Throughout history, art has always been a sign that a civilization is thriving and there is abundance. We live in a time where art surrounds us, therefore, abundance surrounds us. I hope to spark the imagination by capturing the attention and provoke some thought and wonder.



Mind, body and spiritual health directly impacts how we go through this experience of life. When we are in peak health, we are able to do, be and have more. Exercise, stretch, drink good water, eat good food and focus on keeping a positive mindset, we can improve our overall quality of life when we focus on improving our overall health.

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“Work Hard Play Hard” is a motto we firmly believe in. We put our all into our work and our playtime by taking advantage of the fun opportunities that we come across. From running obstacle courses, parkouring through the streets, hooping in the grass or skating down a hill we seek adventure!

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Outdoor adventures

Traveling, exploring nature and enjoying this experience on this beautiful planet all year round. When we are close to nature and exploring new terrain we start to see things with new eyes and appreciate the peace that surrounds us.

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